Redemption Ministries goes back many years and many changes since its beginning. This is that history as best can be told from the many resources. Through conversations with past members as well as old anniversary books. Organized in 1909 by members of the First Presbyterian Church outside of Ely, Iowa, who moved to Cedar Rapids.  The church building was erected in 1910. The congregation combined with the Evangelical Synod in 1935 with a name change resulting. The congregation later united with the First Reformed Church and the name was changed to Eden United Church of Christ. They now occupy the First Reformed Church building at 351 8th Ave SW. Our founding congregation first met in “Little Emmanuel Mission”, Elder Harmon Webb was first a Pastor to 2nd Baptist Church in Mt. Pleasant, IA. At that time, he fellowshipped with the Mission, met with Evangelist Evelyn Thomas and Elder John Williams. They were the co-founders of Redemption Missionary Baptist Church in 1971. As the congregation grew, it was clear that we needed a bigger building. In 1973 we were blessed with the existing building at 1510 2nd St. SW, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Elder Webb was our first and founding Pastor. 

                                               “Changing of the Guards “


As time moved on, Elder Webb contemplated his retirement, Elder Bruce Paige was asked to carry on the torch of Pastoring Redemption Missionary Baptist church. In October of 2006, Elder B. E. Paige was installed as the 2nd Pastor of Redemption Missionary Baptist Church. The building had seen little change over the years and Paige had many ideas. So, renovation began in the sanctuary with the complete destruction and reconstruction of the pulpit. Pews were moved as well as the baptismal pool. Offices in the basement were moved and new office space added.  


This next event would change our direction as a church historically.  June 14th, 2008, the Iowa River rose to unimaginable record depth. The community and church were completely devastated. The basement was filled with water and the sanctuary filled up to 30 inches, covering the pews as well as the pulpit. The congregation found shelter with Edgewood Family Christian Church and Temple of Judah Church for the next year and a half. This allowed more time to work on our rebuilding and re-occupancy efforts. Although the debris was removed from the building following the flood, it sat vacant through the entire winter of 2008. 


March of 2009, volunteers poured into the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area showing their love and volunteering their talents and finances to help in rebuilding our church. In May of 2009. Pastor B.E. Paige announced his resignation and select another Pastor for Redemption Missionary Baptist church. Though many were devastated, many also agreed to the selection of our assistant Pastor at that time, Robert L. Green to be the next successor. By unanimous vote, Robert L. Green became the 3rd Pastor of Redemption. He pushed for the completion of the building, and by July 12th, 2009, we gained re-occupancy and resumed to having worship services. Pastor Robert L. Green was officially installed on July 19th, 2009.

                                    “We Here Now”


Under the Leadership of Pastor Robert L. Green, we are now Redemption Ministries Church. After 5 years of re-occupancy at 1510 2nd St church building the Lord decided it was time to move on and has placed us in where you are currently seated our new larger, community and missions accommodating facility located at 701 25th St. NE Cedar Rapids, IA.  June 7th of 2015 we had our 1st building dedication service. As we move forward, we are blessed with dedicated people, a family bond created through love and being committed to the same goal and heart as we have faced many ministry challenges.  We still believe the best is yet to come!   


                                               We are Still here Redeeming the World through the Word of GOD

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